Who is Jesus?

Finding and Following Jesus

Investigating your Faith and Jesus

We know that your faith is very personal, and that it is a journey for all of us.

As the staff and Dream Team of City Church, we want to help you at your own speed investigate who Jesus of Nazareth is.

Is Jesus simply a good prophet?

A good teacher?

An example for us to follow?

A madman?

Or, is Jesus the Son of God, worthy of worship?

Whatever you believe, we would love to resource you at your own speed.

According to most historians, sociologists, and leaders from many disciplines, Jesus Christ is the greatest and most influential person to ever walk on planet earth.

It is worth your time to get to know what he taught, what he did, and what he said about himself.

In late April, City Church is launching ALPHA - a discussion-based journey to answer some of the biggest questions about life, God and Christianity.

This will all be online, and will be a great chance for you to share your opinion, and learn together with others in an online community.

To get more information about ALPHA with City Church, click here: https://connectcard.church/2nB32RPkKl7F6uDY9d1u

We can't wait to meet you!

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