• Want to Make a Difference?

    Our City Kids team is passionate about partnering with parents to train great leaders for tomorrow.
    Click here to inquire about how you can join this team that is making a life-long impact in our city.

  • Share Life in City Groups

    One of the quickest and most rewarding ways to experience a fuller life is to have a community of people around you who will listen to you, care for you, pray for you, and spur you on to greater heights.
    Our City Groups are neighbourhood based opportunities to gather in groups of 10-20 people so you can ask questions and deepen your faith in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. We will have the coffee and snacks ready to go!  For more info, click here

  • Giving Generously

    Generosity is a response to the God who sent his one--and only--Son to purchase our freedom and forgiveness. When we return a portion of our financial blessings that he has entrusted to us, he not only takes care of our needs in supernatural ways, but he uses these resources to help people experience his kindness and goodness. Please click here to respond to the love of God via City Church.