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Download PDF of Prayer Guide Here

New Series

This September, we are launching our new teaching series and a new 21 day prayer+fasting guide to unite us all for a great year ahead!

We believe the best is yet to come for you, and for City Church. As exciting as it has been for our first five years, our leadership team is sensing a move of God and we want to be ready for it. This will impact you, our neighbours, our country and our world as God gives us greater favour.

Sign up below for our prayer+fasting guide so you can follow along each day starting Monday, September 10th. We will conclude this season with our Sunday worship experience on Sunday, September 30th. Also, each day at noon-12:00pm, follow a live video on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Let's get started! Start by filling out this card so you can get ready for what God has in store for you, and for us as a City Church family!

Join us starting Monday, September 10th to Sunday, September 30th for a 21 day season of prayer+fasting. 

There is nothing more important than seeking God first--before we make our plans, before we get our routines set, before we get too deep into something that will take us off track.

We believe that there is NO better season for us to fast as a church than right now! We are about to celebrate our past five years--and dream about our impact over the next five years. God is telling us that there is MUCH MORE for us, and we want to align ourselves to His work so we get there faster! 

Everyone is different, so before you choose how you will participate, read over these options and pray about the fast that will most help you refocus on God. The goal isn't punishing ourselves; it is rather to turn down our usual comforts in order to better recognize Jesus as our Source and our Sustainer. 

Here are the ways you can fast with us:

(1) Liquid fast (no solid foods)

(2) Daniel fast (fruits and vegetables without meat)

(3) Media Fast (TV, Netflix, Social Media - all or some)

(4) Fast over Lunch each day (FB live videos coming)

(5) Fast on Wednesdays (our prayer night)

Follow us on Instagram (click) and Facebook (click) for live videos at noon each day, and to be reminded of our prayer focus during the 21 day journey.